Personal Training for expats

Personal Training for Expats in Eindhoven

Personal Training for Expats. Our approach to personal training is focused on your unique personal needs and your fitness goals. Aurora PT is here to help you stay healthy, energized, and fit as you navigate to your time in Eindhoven. This personal training program is especially tailored to empower you and help you as an expatriate facing health and sports challenges when you’re away from home for a period of time.

” As an expat living in Eindhoven, I initially struggled to find a fitness program that catered to my unique needs. Aurora PT in Eindhoven changed that for me. My journey included flexible adapted schedules and on-going communication with my personal trainer which suited my hectic career . ”

Personal Training for Expats Eindhoven
Personal Training for Expats Eindhoven

Personal Training for Expats

Customized to your lifestyle

As an expat living abroad is can be very unpredictable in relation to schedules and travel demands. Aurora will help you with customized training programs adapted to your prefers. Early in the morning or late a night, our private gym is open for you!


Custom workout & fitness plan

A personalized training plan tailored to your goals, level, and preferences


Private Gym and personal PT sessions

In this luxury private gym is entirely at your disposal for every training session. Aurora’s weekly one-on-one personal training sessions with a dedicated coach helps guiding you and motivate you.

Community & mental support

Aurora will help you with coaching in stress management, mental resilience, and motivation to lead you to success. You will be a part of the community!

Personal Training for Expats Eindhoven

Personal Training for expats; a private health journey

Aurora Personal Trainer experts provide one-on-one sessions, ensuring smooth communication and our flexible schedules adapt to your expat lifestyle. We offer a holistic approach to health and wellness, including stress management, nutrition guidance and regular body measurements to keep track of your development. Join our community as an expat to achieve fitness goals while embracing life in Eindhoven!

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